EBERY Design Team

EBERY Design Team

Yongjin Yan - Director of R&D Department

Yongjin Yan

What makes you painful, will make you strong!

Custom Furniture Design Expert / Director of R&D Department

Yongjin Yan

With more than 20 years of experience in the custom furniture industry, Yongjin Yan is currently the R&D director and vice president of Ebery Home Furnishing Research Institute.

He has successively engaged in the positions of store designer, customer service supervisor, installation supervisor, R&D supervisor, education department manager, design director, etc.. 

Leading the development and management of Ebery 3D cloud software design system, he has rich experience in home space design, education and training, custom furniture product development. Besides, he has unique insights into custom furniture product design.

He is an expert in color matching and application and the 3D cloud software system application.

Gangcun Guan

Manager of Design Department

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