EBERY The Fitted Furniture Manufacturer Held The Lean Production Summary Conference Successfully

Lean Production Summary Conference

Lean production is a process of continuous improvement, with only a starting point and no end point. It requires endurance and persistence.


On November 4, 2021, EBERY lean production summary meeting was successfully concluded. Looking back on the sweat and tears in the lean journey, we have learnt lessons from the thorns those we have encountered. And we keep working hard on the road of lean production, and look forward for the better future. 

The host Yan Dongni starts the meeting.

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Mr. Fang Wensen, Deputy General Manager of EBERY, delivered an opening speech.

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The agenda of the conference is divided into 6 parts:

  • project summary of the Innovation Office
  • project summary of nine major departments
  • speeches of employee representatives
  • project summary of 3A consultant group
  • awards ceremony
  • summary speeches from the leaders of EBERY.
Lean Production Summary Conference-6 agenda

Nine departments summarized the projects, namely:

Quality Control Department, Drawer Narrow Line, Cabinet body Workshop, Door Panel Workshop, PMC Department, Accessories Department, Purchasing Department, Sales Center and R&D Department.

They have actively promoted the process of lean projects, at this time, they summarized the successes and failures in this period and share the joy of the latest results.

Summary from representatives of various departments

Lean Production Summary Conference-7

During the whole project, all employees of EREBY worked hard together and responded with their hard work and impressive achievements. “Everyone paddles a big boat”. It is because of such a group of like-minded people that we are not afraid of any difficulties, and keep moving forward bravely.

Speech of the staff representative

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Lean Production Summary Conference-9

In the process of implementation of the lean production, we can see such a group of people who are highly cooperative, result-oriented and active in action. They were Awarded “Lean Production Talent“.

Lean Production Summary Conference-10

Hard work will surely bring fruitful results. The following employees won the ‘Micro-Innovation Proposal Talent‘.

  • NO.1: Li Zheng from the cabinet workshop, with 41 micro innovations.
  • NO.2: Zhong Qianhui from the door panel workshop, with 36 micro innovations.
Lean Production Summary Conference-11

Calculation is also an important knowledge. They brought more than one micro innovation each period, and their improvement benefits were among the best. They were awarded “Micro Innovation Improvement Talent“.

Lean Production Summary Conference-12

They support a strong team, and stand fast and seek progress continuously. They actively lead the team to implement lean production.

Lean Production Summary Conference-13

They are sometimes like “housekeepers”, sometimes like “referees”, and sometimes like “trash bins”, always accepting opinion from all sides and encouraging everyone.

Lean Production Summary Conference-14

With the same goal and the same direction, they keep moving forward bravely.

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Lean Production Summary Conference-16
Lean Production Summary Conference-15

We are full of confidence in the future.

Lean Production Summary Conference-18
Lean Production Summary Conference-20

This summary meeting reviewed the process of lean production management EBERY in the last year, and reviewed the concept of lean production, and exhibited the fruits of various departments. EBERY firmly believes that “quality is the life of an enterprise, and quality is the foundation of a brand”. In our future, we will keep lean production in mind, constantly improve our quality control, operation and management.



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