EBERY The Fitted Furniture Manufacturer Successfully Held The First Round Focusing Subject Activity in 2021

- Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency

Nowadays, the integration of industry is accelerating, and the external environment is changing rapidly. Therefore, for enterprises, only by constantly strive for excellence and pursue excellence can they stand on the tide and ride the waves. Lean can make enterprises maintain vitality, continuous improvement, and competitiveness.

The focusing subject is an indispensable part of the lean project. With the target of quality improving, consumption reducing, efficiency improving and economic benefits, the focusing subject is established to solve the pain points of the manufacturing industry. EBERY has taken lean production as a habit to penetrate all aspects of the production and operation.

EBERY's First Round Focusing Subject Activity in 2021-8

On November 3, 2021, each project department set up a special group to analyze and solve existing problems, reported effectiveness data. Then made defense based on the subjects. Through this activity, we promoted and rewarded the subjects those had achieved results. This activity aimed to get all staff involved in subject upgrading.

The jury member were:

  • Mr. Fang Wensen, Deputy General Manager of EBERY. 
  • Mr. Wu Hao, 3A Consultant.
  • Mr. Jia Yong, 3A Consultant.
  • Ms. Yang Aitao, Assistant General Manager of EBERY.
  • Ms. Qiu Haiqiong, Deputy Sales Director of EBERY.
  • Ms. Wu Yiyun, Director of Business Promotion of EBERY.
  • Ms. Yan Dongni, Deputy Director of the Innovation Office.
EBERY's First Round Focusing Subject Activity in 2021-1

A total of 8 topics were published today, of which 2 topics had not been closed. A total of 122 meetings had been held in this topic, a total of 126 evaluations had been made to the participating members, and 130 tasks had been assigned in the task list.

activity table

Representatives of various project departments report and defend

EBERY's First Round Focusing Subject Activity in 2021-2

List of the awarded:

  • Li Zheng–Cabinet workshop

Improving the Efficiency per Capita of Cabinet Panel Cutting

  • Huang Changan–R&D Department

Reducing the Amount of Package for Cabinet Panel per Square Meter

  • Wu Siji–Quality Control Department

Improving the one—Improving the Pass Rate of Incoming Panel Surface

EBERY's First Round Focusing Subject Activity in 2021-3

Third Prize:

Liang Yaoquan–Quality Control Department

Reducing the Rework Rate of Internal Process of Cabinet Panels

EBERY's First Round Focusing Subject Activity in 2021-4

Second Prize:

Shi Meijian–Dismantling Department

Reducing the Error of Dismantling

EBERY's First Round Focusing Subject Activity in 2021-5

First prize:

Xiao Yuyang

Reducing the Number of Drawer Narrow Lines.

EBERY's First Round Focusing Subject Activity in 2021-6

3A consultant teacher comments

EBERY's First Round Focusing Subject Activity in 2021-7

EBERY’s first round focusing subject activity was successfully concluded. EBERY adhered to the implementation concept of “focusing on employees and helping them grow” when implementing the lean project. The method is gradually implemented to help employees grow, create value for the enterprise, and continuously improve the services to the end users. Lean has only a starting point and no end point. It is more like a life practice!



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