EBERY 's 6S Management

Growing trees is a ten-year project, but cultivating talents is a lifelong project. So without doubt, it would take lots of time and effort to continuously improve the thinking, behavior, habits and personal qualities of employees. 

In order to ensure an environment that can improve the overall quality of employees, on the afternoon of June 25, 2018, the leadership of Ebery inspected the implementation of 6S management in the 4.0 intelligent manufacturing workshop.

Factory facilities-2
Factory facilities-1

The concept of 6S

In fact, our 6S originated in Japan and expanded from 5S of Japanese companies. It is an effective on-site management concept and method for modern factories. It refers to the activities of continuously sorting, rectifying, cleaning, tidying, improving literacy and safety of the state of each production element (mainly the material element) on the production site.

The six words Seiri (sorting), Seiton (rectifying), Seiso (cleaning), Seiketsu (tidying), Shitsuke (literacy) and Safety (safety) in Japanese or the first letter in English is “S” , so it is called as 6S.

Clean and organized working environment

Industry 4.0 AI Production Line in EBERY
HAOTIAN automatic edge banding machine
Asia's First Fully Automated AI Production Line
Factory facilities-4


The essence of 6S is actually a kind of corporate culture: Executive Force. That is no fear of difficulties, turn ideas into actions and do the best. The implementation of 6S can provide a high-quality management platform for other management activities, greatly improve the operation efficiency of the company, and provide greater assistance for the take-off of Ebery’s whole house customization!



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