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Home should be absolutely safe. EBERY is always committed to helping more people to realize the dream of a better home life. And the pursuit of environmental protection for our products has never stopped. That’s why EBERY selects raw materials which are certified by China National Building Materials Testing Center.

Ebery's Furniture - environmental friendly

Environmental Protection

EBERY E0 GRADE FORMALDEHYDE-FREE 5S BOARD is made from New Zealand pine wood, adopting formaldehyde-free MDI resins with excellent environmental performance as adhesive. EBERY E0 GRADE FORMALDEHYDE-FREE 5S BOARD has five layers with criss-cross pattern. With the above characteristics, EBERY E0 GRADE FORMALDEHYDE-FREE 5S BOARD has the advantages of solid, safety, strong, safeguard, and sturdy, which is 5S in short.

1. Solid

  • Made from high-quality New Zealandpine wood, which is a reliable original material.
  • The natural texture of the log is preserved, which is full of natural beauty.

3. Safeguard

The MDI adhesive is not soluble in water, which means it completely blocks water molecules from entering the substrate, so it can be safely used in kitchen and bathroom. And as its water absorption expansion rate is extremely low, it will not be affected in the rainy days.

Low water absorption expansion rate

2. Strong

  • The criss-cross pattern of the five layers of the board has extremely high static bending strength and elasticity of flexure.
  • The board structure is well-distributed without joints, gaps, and cracks.
  • The board has even density and thickness with strong bear-load capacity, ensuring bearing a durable heavy load without deformation.
Strong bearing capacity

4. Sturdy

  • Both the board surface and the board edge have strong nail-holding ability, which is super durable.
  • The criss-cross pattern layers ensure durability even bearing heavy load.
Study with strong nail-holding ability

5. Safety

  • Made from environmentally friendly and renewable forest natural logs.
  • Adopting formaldehyde-free MDI resins in the production process.
  • The emission of formaldehyde the finished product is much lower than the highest European E0 standard.

EBERY not only concerns the environmental safety in wood material, but also in every detail in all products, including customized cabinets, door & wall system, storage systems, home furniture system. Our products are 100% safe and eco-friendly. Our mission is to make every consumer enjoy the satisfaction brought by out high quality eco-friendly products.



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