Top Fitted Furniture Manufacturer EBERY Won "2021 China Home Furnishing Brand Power · Popular Product Award"


On November 17, China’s top fitted furniture manufacturer EBERY MULSANEN SERIES won China Home Furnishing Brand Power · Popular Product Award in China Home Furnishing Brand Power Selection 2021.

China’s home furnishing and building materials enterprises continue to explore and move forward in the face of difficulties of the Pandemic, and illuminate the future of the industry with persistence in pioneering and innovation. The assessment is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the participating brands’ contribution, influence, innovation, vitality, environmental protection, technology, and industry response, and other dimensions.

China Home Furnishing Brand Power · Popular Product Award goes to EBERY MULSANEN SERIES in this event.

Popular Product Award-Ebery Home

Following is introduction of EBERY MULSANEN SERIES.


- Comfortable zone especially for you

The combination of leather and wood comes together with innovative personalized intellectual customization, which creates perfect unity of aesthetics and functions. The exclusive joy of life is where art, craftsmanship and design meet.

Mulsanen Series - Ebery Home

EBERY, founded in Foshan, China in 2005, is a global furniture brand with light luxury design and innovated technology. We have been committed to the customization of wood-based panel type whole house furniture, advocating Good Design • Smart Life, insisting on independent innovation, adopting user-centered approach, and always pay attention to the changes in consumer demands around the globe.

Ebery Home

After 16 years of consistent hard work, EBERY has won the respect of consumers and designers with its innovative design. Winning the Popular Product Award is the affirmation of EBERY’s persistence in originality and innovation.

The times never stop, EBERY keeps up with the pulse of the market with international vision, striving to be the light-chasers of the times.



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